Indinity C

The GE Infinity C introduces a new concept in flexibility, scalability, and functionality in small stand alone shelf power.  The Infinity C DC to DC power system can be powered from any readily available DC battery plant and provides reliable, protected power to a variety of load devices.  The system’s configurable design enables users to tailor power capacity, input feed, and protection devices to fit numerous application spaces.Input power feed may be 24VDC or 48VDC.  Up to 4 slots are available for converters that feed a common output bus.  Input power may be bulk fed to all power slots or individually feed to each slot.  As many as 6 plug-in or bolt-in CB and 10 GMT positions can be equipped in a single shelf.



  • Negative (663) or Positive (664) Output
  • Large plant features in a small plant package
  • Battery management including discharge test
  • Industry leading efficiency of 93%