GT 1-3kVA

GE Digital Energy’s GT Series is a true VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent) on line, double conversion range providing secure power for all business-critical applications. The UPS is designed to provide high-level power protection for all mission critical applications, and is available in both tower and rackmount format.

All GT Series UPS are microprocessor controlled and equipped with RS232 communication and optional SNMP interfacing capabilities for all major operating systems. Automatic shutdown software is shipped with the UPS free of charge. Additional matching battery cabinets are available for all models for extended battery runtime. The GT Series is supplied with a comprehensive two-year product warranty.


110V (208V optional)
Single Phase Output Voltage
Wide input voltage window
Cold start
UPS can start up without utility present
Modern design and low noise
Fits well into an office environment

Features & benefits

  • Fully digitized microprocessor control - Modern, reliable platform
  • Matching battery cabinets - Extended runtime for all models
  • Programmable outlet - Selectable shutdown for lower priority loads
  • Modern design and low audible noise - Fits well into an office environment
  • Cold start - UPS can start up without utility present
  • High visibility graphic display - Immediate access to UPS status

Key Specifications

  • Single Phase Output Voltage - 110V with 208V optional on 3kVA units
  • Wide input voltage window 80-138V - Minimizes battery use, prolongs battery life
  • Pulse Width Modulation technology - Eliminates the need to oversize the UPS
  • Internal automatic bypass switch - Continuous power supply to the load even if the UPS is overloaded
  • Low input distortion - Prevents disturbance to nearby electrical equipment